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Whether it’s responding to a press inquiry or picking up the phone to pitch a story idea, experience is critical. We have decades of experience in working with reporters across the region and understand that media relations at its best is a two-way street.
At Tim-Sky Media Services, we work with our clients to identify ways they can be helpful to reporters, become useful sources, and get their messages to key audiences through the media. Leveraging our strong relationships with key media actors in the region, we help shape public

There are times when bad media coverage seems inevitable either as an isolated story or a stream of negative coverage. We work with our clients to anticipate potential crises and prepare, limit the damage when a crisis hits, and put their best foot forward on a path out of trouble.

Our professionals have provided executive-level media training to business and government leaders in group set up or individually. We rely on proven strategies and effective tips to ensure a person can present themselves positively in television, radio and print engagements.

Social media has disrupted traditional channels of influence enabling us to connect directly with relevant media, stakeholders and influencers. Social media has become one of the key channels for digital brand development and has become an indispensable asset for branded digital marketing initiatives.
We help our clients and their brands achieve their business goals through innovative and unconventional approaches by driving engagement and conversations that matter. We manage your conversation across popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other platform that works.

Our professional photographers are able to tell a compelling and holistic brand story from a single click. We capture the essence of the moment and share its dynamism in photos that even a thousand words would struggle to tell. We also deliver high quality videos professionally edited to suit the required medium.

Tim-Sky Media Services has partnered with the most prestigious sports organizations in the world and companies that utilize sports to build brands, gain market share, increase customer loyalty and for social good.
Through our partnership with Supersport, we have actively worked to deliver on the GoTV Shield, DSTV/Supersport Cup and the Lets Play sports activations. We have also been one of the agencies involved in delivering the Barclays Kenya Open – Africa’s premier golf tournament.

We are also passionate about creative designs for the set of perceptions and images that represent your company. Whether it is your logo, business cards design, banners or other corporate branding, consider it done with us.